An Interview with SWELLS

Swells is an Austin,Tx based duo that I got the pleasure to interview for ¡Otra Fest! The duo consists of singer Taylor Baker and guitar player Drew Walker. The group is known for their indie-pop and electronic sound with influences including Glass Animals, Phantogram, and Sylvan Esso. The duo is also currently planning on releasing a full length album soon. In my interview I got to ask them about what people should expect when coming to see them for the first time, their full length album, and their favorite part about playing festivals. I also got to ask them about some of their influences and how they affect their music. Finally, I got to ask them about their cover of Khalid’s, “Young Dumb and Broke!” Find out more about this rising duo below!

Q: What are you looking forward to when coming to Corpus Christi for Otra Fest?

A: We love the energy that the audience always brings in Corpus. It’s a whole other level – we always have the best time playing there.


Q: For people who are coming out to watch you guys perform for the first time, what do you want them to know about seeing you guys live?

A: Be ready to have fun and interact with us. We love vibing off of our audience!


Q: I noticed that you are set to be releasing a full length album soon. How has that process been and what can fans expect from the album?

A: We’ve never released a full length album, so we’re excited to give our fans more songs and finally share what we’ve been working on! Our new album is a lot different than anything we’ve made before — definitely more electronic and edgy than our previous songs.


Q: What is your favorite part about playing festivals?

A: Meeting and playing with so many different amazing artists in one place.


Q: Your bio states that some of your influences are Sylvan Esso, Glass Animals, Phantogram, and others. What about these bands/artists and their sound have influenced your work?

A:We love these artists because they always push the sound boundaries and create music that is both distinct and ear-catching. We’re constantly inspired by them and the songs that they put out.


Q: I saw that you covered Khalid’s song “Young Dumb and Broke.” What made you want to cover this specific song and what other songs would you want to cover in the future?

A: We love Khalid – his songs are simple and catchy, and I always love doing covers that are originally sang by a guy…just to switch it up and keep it interesting.


Interview by Geri Lemmons